“If the planet Earth is music, then Park Orsula is it's primal blues”

Orsula Park is a one-of- a-kind Dubrovnik attraction that has affirmed its significance for the public with its three roles: as a summer stage, a panoramic observation deck, and an archaeological site. Situated on a steep cliff 200 m above sea level, next to an ancient caravan road, which for centuries was the only land access road to the city, it boasts a stunning far-famed view of the historical centre, the Island of Lokrum and the surrounding maritime area. About one hundred concerts have been held here as part of the music festival that has been held on this site for the last six years. The rich program, relevance of performers, highly profiled conception and emphasized diversity, along with its almost surreal topographic position have made the festival renowned beyond the borders of Croatia, with Beatport and PulseRadio claiming it is a miraculous and breathtaking venue to enjoy musical spectacles. The Orsula Park is a public area created from the bare and forgotten rocky ground, based on the sheer enthusiasm and creative energy of the local population. Since its inception, it has had a good relationship with the local community, its most loyal audience. Today, it is a multipurpose venue, developed and logistically equipped for diverse future uses in culture and tourism. As of this year, it is officially managed by the Lokrum Nature Reserve, a public institution, along with the NGO Ambient Croatia, which has managed the project as its initial creator, on behalf of the City of Dubrovnik as the owner of the land plot. As a result of this cooperation, this season has seen a significant step forward in raising the level of quality of the program with a view to enrich the offering and strengthen the promotion of this representative cultural product of the city.